As a Well-Being Coach I help my clients achieve true and lasting change in their desired area of life, whether that be in career, relationship, health, or spirituality.

I find that regardless of the focus area, the underlying roadblocks are often fear-based and the fundamental goal is always the same; to find lasting Inner Peace.  

Why Work With Me

I believe we each have the power to liberate ourselves from fear and find Inner Peace.  I have done the work to allow healing to continue within me. On my journey to Inner Peace I've had many guides.  


If you are ready to make a transformation in your life, I'd love to be your guide.

Inner Peace can be a baseline rather than some far off land you occasionally visit.

My approach to coaching combines the best practices from health coaching and life coaching with latest in neuroscience and positive psychology.  It's grounded in the teachings of Ayurvedic philosophy and rooted in meditation and breathing practices, which allow for true transformation to occur. 

My coaching is based on the following truths:

Truth 1

You are more than your physical body and the many roles you play.

What to Expect


Certified Chopra Total Well-Being Coach

Certified Chopra Health Instructor

Chopra Certified Meditation Instructor

Certified Breath Coach

Certified Yoga Shred Teacher 

Yoga for Mental Health Certificate

Applied Polyvagal Theory and Yoga Certificate

RYT200 Yoga Instructor

B.S. Business Administration

Life Exeperience.

I get the juggle of balancing career and care-taking demands. I am a working mother of two that traded in a software career to pursue my mission of being a conduit for inner peace by coaching and teaching techniques that offer liberation from anxiety in the mind & in the body. I have done the work personally. I have decades of personal experience learning what doesn't work and what does. I practice what I preach and use the tools and techniques I share to manage symptoms of General Anxiety Disorder and it's associated ailments such as IBS as well as Degenerative Disks and Dysautonomia

Image by S Migaj


When I started working with Maria I had so much on my plate, it felt like I was on a tailspin with no end in sight.  I was either anxious, depressed and/or unmotivated at all times.  Working with Maria helped me get my self-esteem back, to not be so hard on myself (I can’t be perfect all the time) and have the mindset to take the time to take care of myself mentally and physically. It's amazing what breathing does to get the mind under control. Maria helped me get through a very difficult time in my life and has provided me with great tools to minimize the chances to go back to my old ways.



While all coaching sessions are designed specific to your needs, I've curated a few packages that combine some Ayurveda Education and Meditation and Coaching into an experience intended to get you jump started towards your vision of well-being.  These packages are based on a blended rate of coaching and private instruction.

Image by Ian Stauffer

Purpose & Peace

Meditation is like the GPS that helps you navigate the road to inner peace. This 5 session package includes 2 coaching sessions focused on uncovering your purpose as well as 3 private instruction sessions of the primordial sound meditation course. Includes your custom primordial sound mantra.


Package Special $850 

Rock Balancing

Back to Balance

This 7 Session Package combines private instruction on the Basics of Ayurvedic Lifestyle & Nutrition with Coaching sessions designed to move you towards your vision of well-being. Get back in a state of balance so you can truly transform.  What part of your being are you ready to transform?

Package Special $1,100