A Path to Peace 

This introduction to meditation package is designed to help you step towards inner peace by jump starting your meditation practice.

This package is for you if: 


  • You are challenged with anxiety or stressful life circumstances

  • You can’t get comfortable or “sit still” when you try to meditate

  • You have tried meditating but think it doesn’t work for you

  • You have a busy brain with lots of thoughts

  • You are too busy for longer self paced courses

  • You don’t have time to meditate

  • You long for inner peace


This package includes: 


  • A private one hour session via zoom or in person in the greater Fresno area

  • A guided meditation audio recording for your home practice

  • A 25 minute follow up session via zoom a week after you begin your practice

  • Access private zoom group meditations




Package Price:

$125 Special Pricing extended until July 15th

$175 after July 15th 


Offered by Maria Mayes, 
Chopra™ Meditation Instructor

With the Path to Peace package I have taken the wisdom I have obtained through multiple certifications in breath-work, meditation and coaching and combined it with a lifetime of experience in learning how to take my power back from anxiety.

The real benefit of meditation is not the time we spend in our seats, it is the changes we see in our life. It is an honor to be able to teach others a practice that has been so profoundly life changing for me.