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Holiday Pairings & Taking 5 to Reset

Holiday Pairings: Pomegranate Salsa & Pinot Noir

If you are looking for a refreshing full flavor appetizer for your next holiday party I've got the perfect option for you. In a recent Chakras & Syrah class I served this amazing Holiday Pomegranate Salsa which paired beautifully with a 2018 Pinot Noir (91 Points from Wine Enthusiast) if you missed out we have another virtual option coming up.

Why is it so amazing? In Ayurveda we look to include all 6 tastes at each meal, and see the sense of taste itself as an atlas towards proper nutrition. While each of the tastes possess a different elemental property and have a different benefit to the body (and digestion process), it is in balancing a mix of these tastes that make for an amazing experience on your palate. Including all 6 at each meal results in us being more nourished, satisfied and less hungry.

In this case we have all 6 tastes in one appetizer! Pomegranate a delightful blend of sweet, sour and astringent tastes, jalapeños are pungent, cilantro is both sweet and astringent, lime is sour and bitter and red onion is sweet and pungent. Add some of salty organic tortilla chips and voila! You have the perfect holiday appetizer with health benefits to boot!

Download the recipe card here:

Holiday Pomegranate Salsa Recipe
Download PDF • 3.45MB

The Pomegranate is native to a region from modern-day day Iran to northern India. It was spread by Christian missionaries from Spain in California in 1972. Today Cali produces more than 90 percent of the pomegranates in the US, much of it in the Central Valley where I live. This means it is easy to get your hands on fresh organic options at one of our many farmers markets. I recommend using local honey as well. I used Orange Blossom Honey from Bee Happy Farms. Thank you Two Health Kitchens where I found this recipe and adapted slightly to my tastes & skill level (everything seems to take longer in my kitchen).

If you'd rather skip the prep-work and just enjoy the salsa, join me on Black Friday for a relaxing Yoga Class followed by a Mindful Wine Tasting & Yes the Holiday Pomegranate Salsa will be served. Bring friends or family for some post-turkey restoration.

Absolutely no experience necessary at beautiful Fäsi Estate Winery which is just 20 minutes north of Fresno.

Taking 5 to Reset

This month's featured Take 5 Stretch & Breath Break is designed to help you reset through stillness of mind & body. Most of us spend our whole lives in activity, navigating the demands of a noisy, overstimulating world. Add in the holiday hustle and bustle and it can lead to more stress, more tension, and more reactivity. All you need is 5 minutes to journey into stillness. Try it this holiday season when you find yourself feeling a little stressed, tensed or reactive. Also a great option before the guests arrive, or after they leave.

Epilepsy Support Dec 2nd

Next Thursday Dec 2nd at 5:30 PM PST I will be sharing the benefits of Yoga & Meditation with the Central California Easter Seals Epilepsy Support Group. If you know anyone that has Epilepsy and would like support please reach out to me via email at and I can connect them to Ken the group coordinator for details.

A Night of Giving Dec 9th

If you missed one of the recent "Chakras &" classes we have a virtual option designed to give ourselves some relaxation as we give back to our favorite cause. See details below and register here class is sponsored by Solvasa Connectors, rather than a class fee we ask that you make a donation of your time or $$ to a cause of your choice this holiday season.

I am so grateful to all my subscribers, members, students, and clients.

Wishing you a healthy, joy-filled Thanksgiving Holiday!


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