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Lessons from Trees, Arugula & Mindful Wine Tasting

The wisdom of trees...

Spring is MY FAVORITE. The newness of everything, the rebirth of the landscape with the budding of flowers, vines and magical trees.

Trees can really teach us a thing or two! From rooting down to swaying with the winds of life rather than fighting against them, they offer such wisdom. Enjoy this free Take 5 Stretch & Breath Break for a lesson from trees and share it with friends & family who might need a little reset in their day.

If you are not a Take 5 Member and want to join to access the entire Take 5 Library join us here.

You had me at Arugula....

This year's backyard planting is looking good and the family seems to all approve including Lula aka "the Naughty Pug".

Arugula’s sharp peppery flavor offers the “bitter” taste that indicates it is light and easy to digest for those with slow, cold digestions. It is so versatile and it's a great option for lightening up heavier dishes so your body can better assimilate all the nutrients. In Ayurveda arugula is used to detoxify the liver which is the main pitta organ in the body. To learn more about Ayurvedic Lifestyle check out my upcoming Mindful Wine Tasting and Ayurveda Workshop. Speaking of wine...add in a little goat cheese and wine pairing to arugula and….. I’m in love.

I’ve paired this beautiful Arugula, Cherry, Fig & Apple Salad at a few of my recent Private Wine & Yoga Classes to rave reviews. My preferred wine with this salad is Fäsi Estate 2019 Madera County Malbec with a cherry finish that brings out all the dynamic flavors of the salad. In Ayurveda we look to include all 6 tastes at each meal, and see the sense of taste itself as an atlas towards proper nutrition. Thank you to Flavor the Moments where I found and modified this recipe.

Download the recipe below and enjoy!

Arugula Salad
Download PDF • 1.73MB

Speaking of Wine...

Paring Wine, Food and Wellbeing education makes my heart sing. I am very excited to offer an upcoming Ayurveda Workshop as well as Private Mindful Wine & Yoga Lessons.

April 10th Mindful Wine Tasting & Ayurveda Workshop

An introduction to the 5,000 year-old healing system known as Ayurveda which sees health as not just the absence of disease; but as physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Learn your unique mind-body personality (dosha) & how an Ayurvedic lifestyle can help you:

  • reduce stress

  • improve digestion & sleep patterns

  • release emotional toxicity

  • restore vitality

  • re-awaken the senses

Private Mindful Wine & Yoga Lessons!

Introducing a new relaxing option for you at one of the most beautiful locations in the Central Valley. If you are interested in private lesson for more than two people please reach out to me for pricing & class options.

Keep enjoying every minute of spring!

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