About Us


Hi, I’m Maria Mayes.

It is my mission to help others become more resilient to stress. 


As a product of the “Sandwich Generation” I'm a highly productive working mom that was once told by a therapist “You are addicted to stress!”  That may have been true at the time - always adding more to the plate of my software career while trying to care for my children and aging parents simultaneously. It took devastating loss and a subsequent nervous breakdown to get me to start taking time for myself.  


I had to start small, taking just 5 minutes a day.  


Now nearly a decade later after years that included more loss, health challenges, layoffs, and intense stress; what changed? Not the life stress that you can’t predict or avoid (pandemic anyone?), but my ability to be more resilient to those “big” stressors while not self-inflicting additional “little” stressors. I am now paying my personal healing forward by sharing the techniques that have helped me with others. Techniques that can help you reduce tension, improve your posture, and help with your anxiety.


I am living proof that breathing exercises, gentle movements and learning how to listen to your body can be life changing and lifesaving. I’ve lived with extreme anxiety for most of my life. I have dysautonomia aka a dysfunctional nervous system. Since the age of 2, under certain stimuli, I pass out and subsequently seize. While there are many symptoms, the anxiety of not knowing when you might next hit the floor is the most impactful on daily living.

Through breathing exercises, nutrition, and yoga I have learned to read my nervous system, befriend my anxiety and manage my symptoms naturally. I am currently living pharmaceutical and pace-maker free.

The techniques I share in Take 5 are based on my education as an RYT200 Yoga Instructor, Certified Breath Coach, other Specialty Certifications and constant study. 

More than 20 years of running on the “be more productive” hamster wheel helps me connect with & understand my clients.

The tools I share in Take 5 can help you to release tension and feel more relaxed, allowing you to be more productive and less reactive to triggers. 


I also offer private coaching to help individuals and work teams learn how to care for your nervous system, take the reins on your anxiety, and better manage your reaction to stressful events. For coaching options please email me.

I take my own medicine and practice what I preach. 

I started small.  So can you.