Chakras & Chardonnay
The MicroCourse

Well-Being & Wine

I believe we can have our wine and drink it too.

We can enjoy all the things we love in a way that is mindful so that it is nectar to the body & mind rather than a poison resulting from a desire to numb. 

Ok, maybe you never consciously set out to numb with wine but maybe you have found yourself like I did unconsciously heading to the wine fridge after work on auto-pilot night after night without even realizing it.

Whether it's your comfort food, your favorite cocktail or a glass of vino, the freedom you feel when step out of unconscious habits and into mindful consumption is extremely powerful.  


Want to learn how?  Join me for my upcoming courses, a workshop or find me most Thursdays at beautiful Fäsi Estate Winery for a mindful tasting. 

Want to schedule a Workplace Stress Reduction and Mindful Wine Tasting Workshop for your office?  Schedule a consult or check out my options on 


Courses & Workshops

We took a break from Workshops during the summer heat but the Well-Being and Wine Workshop Series will be back this Fall.  Subscribe to stay posted on the dates!


Chakras & Chardonnay

The MicroCourse

I received such great feedback on the workshop that I have turned it into an online MicroCourse!

This course is for you if any of these apply: 

  • You want to improve your well-being and you enjoy wine!

  • You’re looking for self exploration and growth and enjoy wine!

  • You want to learn about these so-called “energy centers” and enjoy wine!

  • You want to learn how to work with chakras on your own!

  • You’d like an fun alternative to a book club to do with your friends!

  • You enjoy wine and want to learn how to taste like a pro!

  • You use wine to take the edge off after a long day at work.

  • You don’t have time for long courses and are an experiential learner.

  • You are feeling stuck or a block in an area of life and looking for solutions.

  • You want to learn to connect with your inner wisdom to make better choices when it comes to consumption.

  • You love wine and having fun

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Workplace Stress Reduction & Mindful Wine Tasting Workshops

Onsite & Virtual Options Available


There is no better time to support the Well-Being of your team. Rather than treating them to a standard happy hour post meeting, equip your team with the knowledge and tools to better manage their stress and mindfully enjoy their beverages.


This experiential workshop includes expert instruction on:

  • The Science & Benefits of Mindfulness, Movement, Breath-work & Meditation

  • Guided Desk Based Movements to Release Stress

  • Guided Mindfulness & Breath-work Experience

  • Mindful Tasting Lesson - an Exploration of the Senses and the 5 S's of Wine Tasting

  • Delivery of Wine & Glasses to use during tasting (if in person)


Please note: Workshop does not include the cost of wine. This workshop is provided onsite at the client's location is in the greater Fresno Area. For out of the area requests please book a consultation so we can discuss travel costs. Sparkling water options with fresh fruit garnish will be available for those who don't drink wine.  Reach out to learn more and book.

Before class, I thought I was feeling fine-no tension or stress.  However, about 10 minutes in I realized that my shoulders/neck did have some tension and I began to feel those areas relax. After the class I was much more at peace mentally.  Being outdoors and feeling the breeze and hearing the birds made it that much better!  Physically, my shoulders/neck were more relaxed and the wine tasting was enjoyable. It was different from a typical tasting because Maria had us think about the 5 senses while tasting.  I’m happy we did the tasting outside because I enjoyed the nature sounds/setting.  Not feeling rushed was nice-I felt like I could really focus on the wine. I would definitely recommend it to friends, it would be a fun way to help them reset physically and mentally.  I kept thinking how fun this would be with a group of girlfriends! 

Shannon, Retired Teacher

Private Instruction

Design Your Own Well-Being & Wine Experience