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Empower Your Health


Empower Your Palate & Your Health 

A Mindful Nutrition & Tasting Workshop at Fasi Estate Winery

Sunday, November 5th 2-4 PM

Welcome to Take 5.

I believe you have a unique capacity to heal.

You are much more powerful than you think.

You have the power to step away from the noise of the world, and the overwhelm of your responsibilities and become fully present.

Showing up fully present for those you lead, those you serve, and those you love (including yourself) is the most precious gift you can give and recive. It can transform our relationships, our productivity, and our health.
And just think of the powerful impact a transformation like this could have on your team...
You can create a healthier, less stressed workplace.
You can create a healthier, happier, less stressed life.
It all starts with Taking 5.


Hi, I'm Maria Mayes

with Take 5 my Mission is to help you Take Your Power Back from Anxiety.

As an intuitive Meditation Teacher and Well-Being Coach, I am here as a conduit for Inner Peace. I specialize in Stress Management ~ aka Mental Wellness for Small Businesses and 1:1 Mentorship and Coaching for individuals and couples with high-stress occupations that tend to self-medicate with alcohol.


I have found Inner Peace, and so can you.

Wherever you are at on your journey, it is never too late to start and there's never too small of a start.

You can liberate yourself from anxiety and it's grip on your mind or however it manifests in your body whether that be chronic neck & shoulder tension, brain fog, insomnia or digestive chaos.

When you take your power back and find a baseline of Inner Peace, you don't just change. yourself.  You impact everyone around you from your children to your work team.


So if you're ready to experience the freedom that inner peace has to offer check out my services.


You don't need much time, as little as 5 minutes a day, nor do you need any experience.


It is possible!  I am living proof; you can read about my journey here.

Breathe with me

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My Story

How I took my power back.

I wasn't always this ZEN.

I used to wear my Anxiety like a coat of armor. Always on high-alert, waiting for the proverbial other shoe to drop, or in my case, my body to drop to the floor.

While diagnosed in my early 30s, my anxiety symptoms started in early childhood.  At two years old I started having episodes where I would "lose consciousness", fall to the floor & seize. Initially diagnosed as a seizure disorder, 40 years later it was re-diagnosed as extreme neurocardiogenic syncope, a form of dysfunction of the nervous system

As I grew up and the stresses and conditioning of the world did too, the anxiety of never knowing when I would next pass out multiplied into a full fear-based lifestyle that I tried to outrun by overachieving. 

Fast forward a few decades and I found myself as a working mom caught on the hamster wheel of productivity

My anxiety showed up in my body as severe gut issues (IBS-C) and chronic tension in my neck and shoulders, when severe it showed up as a rapid heart rate and shortness of breath. 

In my behavior it showed up as perfectionism, angry outburst on my family and self medicating with alcohol. It manifested in my mental state as a dense fog, almost as a paralysis, not being able to take the action that I needed to take but withdrawing and shutting down instead.


Do any of these sound familiar?


I was once told by a therapist - “You’re addicted to stress!” 

Breaks? Self-care? Who has time for that?  I had work deadlines, kids and aging parents to care for and was so busy taking care of everyone else’s health that I neglected my own. Until, my body and mind said no more and I had a complete breakdown.  


The road to FREEDOM


The side effects from pharmaceuticals, whether anticonvulsants, SSRIs, or benzodiazepines were just too much for me so I started seeking out alternatives. I discovered breathing exercises, tried guided meditations and started making dietary shifts.  As I started to see improvements I continued to explore on a decade-long journey to reach the Inner Peace I enjoy today. 

I want you to have this same FREEDOM.


My journey was a long one but yours doesn't have to be.  In recovering from my breakdown, I had to start small, taking just 5 minutes a day.  

With Take 5 I have condensed more than a decade of research, education, certifications and most importantly experimentation into each offering. Each is designed to be fun, practical and personalized.  

I’ve had lots of guides that have helped me along the way.  I’d love to be your guide, and help you take your power back.

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