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So much to do.  So little time.

Spend your breaks scrolling social media or checking the news feed? 


Find yourself with tight shoulders at the end of the day?


A sore neck?

An aching back? 


To many to-do's and stresses?


Tired of being tired?

We see you. We get you. We are you.


Join us.

Step away for just 5 minutes a day.

Enjoy less tension.

Feel more relaxed.

Go back to your day more focused.

More productive.

Less reactive.

Image by Ryan Johns

Just 5 Minutes

We need simple right now.  

Take 5 is Simple.

Take 5 Videos will be sent to you 5 days a week. Watch on receipt or schedule for later in the day when you have the 5 minutes. 

Simple stretches & breathing exercises you can do at your desk in your work clothes or at home in your jammies. 

It's just 5 minutes. 

You are busy. 

But you can take 5 minutes.

Take 5 is Simple.

You can do Simple.

Ready to release some Tension?

If you happen to........

  • have a lot of screen time due to work, school, life 

  • do a lot of driving 

  • have tight shoulders, neck pain, back aches

  • have mid day fatigue

  • need stress relief

  • never seem to have enough time

  • spend your breaks scrolling on your phone

  • don't have time or make time to take breaks

  • have intent to stretch and move but seem to forget

Take 5 can help.

5 minutes to ground, to stretch, to breathe and to reset.


Why Take 5?  Read more about the Take 5 Story here.  

Questions? Reach out: maria@take5.health 

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